A Healthier Mouth=A Healthier YOU

Better oral heath can lead to better overall health.

Endodontists dedicate their lives to saving natural teeth. Keep your teeth for life.

Like precious few things in this world, teeth were designed to last for a lifetime. Nothing looks, feels or functions like your natural tooth, so you should always strive to keep them whenever possible.

Endodontists can help. The infographic and video below are just the beginning of showcasing just how important it is to keep your natural teeth.

Download this content, and keep checking back, as we continue to demonstrate the important work of root canal specialists.

AAE President Completes Satellite News Media

To promote AAE’s Save Your Tooth Month and A Healthier Mouth = A Healthier You, Association President Dr. Stefan I. Zweig completed a satellite news media tour this past May. Dr. Zweig took to radio, TV and the web to talk about the importance of saving your natural teeth and the connections oral health has to our overall health. As of June 6, 2022, audience statistics from Dr. Zweig’s tour include:

  • 541 TV Broadcast aired
    • Audience Impressions: 9,166,363
  • 656 Radio Broadcast aired
    • Audience Impressions: 14,186,600
  • 53 Online Postings
    • Unique Monthly Visitors: 7,854,780
  • Total Media Placements: 1,250
  • Total Impressions: 31,207,743
Healthier You NYC

Digital Billboard in the Big Apple

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of saving natural teeth, the AAE placed a graphic on an electronic Times Square billboard on “Black Friday” -- the busiest shopping day of the year -- as a complement to its recent survey which showed that much of the public is resolving to prioritize oral health in the New Year.

AAE’s Latest Survey

Check out key results from the AAE’s public survey in this engaging infographic! Learn what's on the public's mind in terms of oral health at the start of 2022!

Tooth Wisdom Infographic

Download this lively infographic and gain tooth wisdom.

Tooth Wisdom Comes to Life

From your friendly neighborhood Endodontist: It's important to save your natural teeth whenever possible. This video recaps why root canal treatment is beneficial, and why a specialist known as an Endodontist is the best person for the job.

Special Social Media Video

Worth Saving - Why You Should Always Strive to Save Your Natural Teeth